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Gather your friends (2 or more) and journey through the Magic Wilderness gathering ingredients for some wonderful baked goods just in time for tea! This game is GM-less and only requires a simple D4 to play! 

It comes with 4 adventures including one aquatic adventure, each with 4 sessions of play. Each session can take as little as a half hour-45 minutes to a few hours depending on how involved and how into the story building everyone is! 

There is no set DM, instead, everyone takes their turn building up parts of the story and role-playing as an NPC or an enemy, etc. The setting and the adventure outlines are simple and easy for both kids and adults to play. 

Down the line, I hope to be able to add in appendices that allow groups to build their own adventures, as well as some recipes for the stuff the fey critters are gathering ingredients for. I also aim to commission much better art and a layout designer down the line when time and budget allow. Until then, enjoy the journeys! 

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TagsCo-op, Cozy, Cute
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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It was a delight to play this game! This is such a cozy, collaborative game and it had the perfect amount of guidance/prompting so that we were never struggling to think of things to do. At the same time, it's rules lite and streamlined so it was super easy to learn and left room for all kinds of improv shenanigans. A really lovely balance of structure and streamlined design that makes play-through feel effortless. 10/10 fey critters recommend!!

This game is so cute! Really easy to get the hang of, you just need a d4 and some friends to tell a story with. The theme and setting is really sweet (pun absolutely intended), and the whole game has a really nice cozy vibe to it. It's a lot of fun, highly recommend!

I did the layout so I'm biased on that point, but I do absolutely love this game! it's very simple and sweet. Caltrop core games are easy to pick up and don't have a big learning curve, and I love the theming of this one.